Monday, January 24, 2011

What?! She's back????

Yes, my friends.  It's true.  Or is it???  Maybe??  Maybe not.

For today, IT IS!!!

For some reason, I rolled out of bed, got my coffee, sat down at the computer and felt an overwhelming urge to write a blog post.  THIS is what I have been waiting for!!!  I have taken a lot of time off (9 months, to be exact!), and have really spent time evaluating my life, my priorities, my family, and my time.  It has been a terrific 9 months in many aspects and a not-so-terrific 9 months in other aspects.  We all have our ups and downs, right?!  But, all in all, it has been a great time for me to learn more about myself without the worry/hassle/stress/grief/pressure of writing this blog.  Why did I feel all those things?  I didn't know then, but I do now.  Someday I might share with you my findings.

But, for now, I have realized that I am ME.  Just imperfect ME.  (I know, amazing insight, right?!)  I don't have to write this blog for anyone else, I don't have to conform to anyone else's ideas of what this blog should or should not be about.  I don't have to write anything for days or weeks if I don't want to! I will make this MY OWN and if people read it---awesome.  If they don't---awesome.  

I am not the most eloquent writer, nor do I strive to be.  Again, I want to be ME.  That sounds super cheesy, I know, but I feel, that, a lot of times we just struggle with just being ourselves and not conforming to what other people think or say or tell us we should be.  I want to continue thinking outside of the box, writing my feelings and thoughts on "controversial" topics, share with you about my life, my family, my kids and everything else in between!!

I may write once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year!!!  At this point, I am so OK with letting this blog be what it will be.  I hope that maybe you will check back every now and then and join me, once again, on this journey!

Blessings to you all!!!


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