Monday, January 11, 2010

Pantry Challenge: Week One Update and Menu Plan

Week One of the challenge has officially passed, and I have to admit---we're doing great!  (Although, why do I feel like it's been longer than a week?!)  We stuck to our Menu Plan and only went to Grocery store for fresh fruit, veggies, dairy, and some amazing (almost!) free deals:  We scored 2 boxes of Cheerios, 2 bagged salads, a 10 1b bag of potatoes and 2 pounds of Bananas for 35 CENTS!! Yes, folks, you heard me right!!  A whopping 35 cents for ALL OF IT!!!  THAT was a great deal!  :-)

Since I'm trying to keep our usual $400 budget/month down to just $100 this month, we need all the deals we can get!!  I have to say, it's really quite enjoyable and a great learning experience----I like being creative with our meals, and I am also enjoying being smart with every penny I spend!

So, week 1 Grocery spendings:  $29.05 (Woohoo!)

It's also been a great relief to have our Menu Plan done for the entire month; I just might continue this!   Here's our plan for week 2 of the challenge:

Monday 1/11:  Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday 1/12:  Spaghetti CarbonaraGarlic Bread Fantastique, Green Salad

Wednesday 1/13:  Turkey Enchilada Casserole (freezer),  homemade refried Beans, Tortilla Chips

Thursday 1/14:  Chicken Curry over steamed white rice, Broccoli

Friday 1/15:  Meatloaf (freezer), Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Corn

Saturday 1/16:  Homemade Turkey Dinner:  Turkey, Stuffing, Marbled Mashed Potatoes (freezer), Green Beans

Hope everyone had a great week 1 of the Challenge!!  And, for a plethora of more menu ideas, check out: I'M AN ORGANIZING JUNKIE


  1. I've noticed that banana prices have dropped in my local area.

    Stop by my blog and participate in my question: Do you wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes?

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