Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day-of-the-Week Bins.....they LOVE them! (so far.......)

Since I finished all the bins yesterday, I thought I might as well start using them today, instead of waiting until next week.  Today's bin was filled with sorting cups/bears, Thomas the Tank Engine number cards, and two boxes of neat sensory "flash"-type cards.  They LOVED it!  I've had these toys and cards put away for awhile, so it was like Christmas to them!  I realized, just in one day doing this, that this isn't going to be their "quiet time", that's for sure!!!  :-)  With two of them, there are some sharing "issues", but overall, it went very smoothly.  I also realized what a great opportunity this is for me to sit there with them and play and teach them.  I was going to use this time to maybe get a few chores done, while I supervise them, but as I sat with them during this time today, they were so engaged and so eager to learn, count, and play with Mommy!!  It was a really neat time together for all of us!![gallery columns="2"]

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