Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Loves Yogurt??

If you do, have you ever considered making your own???

A few years ago, I acquired my mom's "vintage" Salton Yogurt Maker, and I say it with all sincerity, that this maker has been a blessing! I started making my own yogurt when our first child was born and she was able to eat solids and/or dairy. She LOVED it and I felt so good feeding it to her, because I knew I had made it myself and it was 100% natural and great. Now, I have to say, just eating the plain yogurt, without flavoring and/or a touch of sugar can be a bit lip-puckering, but for the little babes, they loved it! Now that they're older, and they are a little pickier, I usually add some fruit, jam, syrup or a touch of brown sugar. But it so great to know EXACTLY what is in the food I am giving my children!

Making the actual yogurt is easy. (I'm sure there are plenty of other types of yogurt makers out there, so you can do the research as to which one you might like. I've also found yogurt makers at thrift stores, too!) Each maker will probably be slightly different as to how it is made, but here's how I do it:

I take 4 cups of Milk (any kind will do) and heat it on the stove until it boils. I cool it for about a half an hour. After it cools is when you add the Yogurt Starter. You can get starter at most grocery stores and/or Nutrtiton Stores.


What's so cool, though, is once you've made yogurt, you never have to buy yogurt starter again! If you save a heaping tablespoon of your previously made yogurt, that can be your starter for the next batch! Pretty cool, huh? So, once you add the starter, you stir it until it's very well combined. Then you add that mixture to your glass jars and put the covers on tightly. Ten hours later, you will have yummy, heathly, home-made yogurt! In my experience, I have found that this yogurt keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

The cost of electricity for this endeavor will only set you back about 1 cent!!

Store bought yogurt is yummy, and from time-to-time we still buy it, but it can be costly, and have added "stuff" in it. Having a daughter with a neurological speech delay, we have tried our very best to take out all the artificial "stuff", and this is just one way we can accommodate that! Plus, our wallets like it, too!!

Have you made your own yogurt? I'd love to hear about your yogurt-making endeavors......

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  1. I cant live without my salton yogurt maker. I am like addicted to this product and not a day goes by without me popping some yogurt on the go. One of the greatest inventions ever made, even better than sliced bread.