Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check for the Dents!!

I just can't seem to get enough of clearance groceries.  

Seeing the 50% off sticker makes my heart skip a beat.

Here's what I saw that induced the skippage:

Most grocery stores mark down canned goods that have been dented, or that have peeling paper, but, that are still perfectly sell-able.  At my local Safeway, these little treasured goods were in the waaaaaay back of the store, close to the entrance to the back room, sitting so lonely and forlorn in a cart with other marked-down sundry items.  

Who am I to discriminate against a dented can?!  

I swiped these bad boys up!!!  Each can was less that .40 cents, each!!  
(And, a few of them are higher priced Organic tomatoes!)

Check for the Dents!!


  1. Definitely need to check our scratch and dent sale out!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. I just wanted to say hello. I have meant to stop in and leave a comment for a while now, but with a very busy household....I only have a minute here & there & have failed to do this. I found you through facebook (immunizations) & loved your post on it.That's when I decided to follow you.:) I have researched immunizations for years & really enjoyed what you had to say.
    Good for you on the savings! That's awesome.:)
    Have a great night,

  3. ..but make sure the dents are not hiding tiny holes or punctures. Sometimes damaged cans can have puctures which can cause spoilage without leakage :)

  4. Excellent tip!! Dents, but, no punctures!!!

  5. I love discounts on unimportantly damaged stuff, too! If any of your readers are in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, Market Outlet is a whole store of this sort of thing.