Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Then and Now

As you might recall from THIS post, our precious Ava has Speech Apraxia.

She is making HUGE progress.


Here is a video of Ava, 10 months ago, doing her ABC's:

Here is Ava, today, doing her ABC's:

Oh, sweet Ava. I'm so proud of you.


  1. Sarah, that is amazing! What a huge improvement. Way to go, Ava!

  2. I think we might have a future cheerleader on our hands!!! Oh yeah.... at half-time, in between shooting hoops!! :)

  3. I posted a response here earlier but lost it!! Only I could do that! lol
    Ava, we couldn't be prouder of you! What an achievement you've made, and it doesn't stop here. We love you, all of you, and hope to see you before too long.

  4. I can't stop watching the "now" video!!! I love you, Ava!!!! You're amazing and sooooo beautiful AND smart!!!!

  5. She is getting to be a good talker. She must take after her Grampa Rowe. We love you AVA.