Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Dressed!!

One of my goals in my 101 in 1001 is to actually GET DRESSED before the kids even wake up, and do it for two weeks straight.

Ugh. It's tough.

They are literally yanking me out of bed kicking and screaming. (Well, maybe not kicking, but screaming, anyway........ok, maybe not screaming, but, wanting to scream.)

I have not even gotten CLOSE to accomplishing this goal.


I have done it for the past two days, (yes, folks, I'm on a roll.....) and can I tell's opened up a whole new world.

Maybe like this whole new world?

Already this morning, getting dressed has allowed me to feel more ready for the day and ready to conquer anything. Erm.......almost anything.


  • 2 loads of laundry done
  • Roast in the slow cooker
  • Emails checked, blog post posted
  • Breakfast made and served
  • Dishes in the dishwasher and kitchen cleaned
  • Kids bathed and dressed
  • Anna nursed and down for a nap
  • All garbage cans cleared
  • 10 minutes on the exercise bike. (Yes, only 10, but, hey, it's a start, right?!!)
And, it's only 9:00. Not too shabby. Could be better, but not too shabby.

It's amazing how the simple task of getting dressed can make me feel so much more ready and able to get things done.

Try it out, all you stay-at-home-moms.......... getting dressed before your kiddos get up just might make you might feel like you're in a whole new world. (Maybe a whole new productive world.)

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  1. I like the new blog spot, but why the change? Anna's crawling video I looked at probably 8-10 times! I love it!