Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's the little things.....

Ava, getting dressed this morning (in her amazingly matching outfit, I might add), admiring herself in the mirror:   

What da think Ukie?"

Lukie stands up, peers at her in the mirror and squints his eyes:    

Ooohhhh, you're so bootiful, Ava!

Ava, tilting her head to the side:   

I know.

Lukie leans over and gives her a big hug:  I love you, Ava.

Ava:  I love you, too.

Psalm 127:3:  
"Children are a gift from the Lord.  
They are a reward from Him."

I definitely feel rewarded.

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  1. Sarah,
    I read today's blog and agree with you completely. The verse from Ecclesiastes is a special one for me as well. When I was hit by the drunk driver in November 1980 and we lost our beautiful Volkswagen Bus that we used so much it was a difficult time for me. You even had a precious quote for a two-year-old when you saw the totaled bus. You said "Poor baby bus!" When I went to the wrecking yard to clean out our personal belongings something very meaningful happened. As I was driving away the song "Turn, Turn, Turn" was playing on the radio. (It is this passage from scripture that you quoted on your blog.) Just hearing that song based on scripture calmed my soul as God was telling me a new time was coming and it was allright. The time of the VW bus had passed, I was alive and well, I had a wonderful wife and four wonderful daughters and a God who cared enough for little old me to let me know He was there for me! Thanks for that post today, Sarah, and bless you for listening to the Lord! I look forward to the time you are led to continue your blog! I love you!
    All My Love,