Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tip Tuesday

With a new little 2 week old babe in the house, I'm learning and realizing more "tips" as I go along!!

1.  Clothes can be worn again!!

I guess this can go for all of us, not just babies, but I'm realizing this more and more, as my laundry is piling up!!!  Yes, babies spit up and often times can have a "blow out" in their diaper and soil the clothes they are wearing.  I have often had to change Anna's clothes multiple times throughout the day, but I found myself putting all of her clothes in the laundry whether they were dirty or not.  The main items I tend to just throw in the laundry basket being her jammies and pants.  Often her pajamas stay nice and clean and I was tossing them in the laundry as I got her ready for the day.  NO LONGER!!  I'm really going to examine her clothing, along with A and L's clothes and make sure I'm not just arbitrarily throwing clothes in the laundry that can be worn again!!  Now, don't get me wrong.....I'm not crazy, I want my kids to wear clean clothes!!  I'm not going to be psychotic about this, I just want to be more mindful of the things I'm throwing in the laundry.  It makes huge sense for my laundry piles and for my pocketbook!

2.  "Old" towels, shirts, Onesies, etc, can be used as burp cloths!!

I tend to want to get rid of, or throw away old items if there is not much life left in them, but why not use them as burp cloths?!  I had a bunch of old, stained onesies from Ava and Luke, and I almost threw them away, but realized they can still have a use!  So, I threw them in the wash, got them nice and clean, and they work out beautifully for mopping up spitups!

3.   Use wipes more sparingly!

I have figured out a "trick" to using only one wipe, when the "poo-poo" isn't too bad.  I pull the tabs on the diaper and use the diaper, itself, to do the first, initial wipe.  There's no reason why I should just pull the diaper off, without using it as a helper......that's what it's for!  So, I use the diaper for the first wipe, then tuck it under her bottom, in case she decides to pee-pee while I'm cleaning her, which she has done quite often!!  (Tucking it under also helps to save cleaning of the changing table pad cover if an accident should occur!!)  Then, I take one wipe and wipe up the rest that the first wipe with the diaper didn't get.  It works like a charm almost every time, and I only used one wipe!!!


  1. Sarah,

    Wondering what your opinion is on the bumgenius? I've read great things about them - do you use cloth or disposable?


  2. Oh, man.....I thought long and hard about doing cloth diapers and I researched them intently, but we still use disposable. But, Bumgenius was my top pick!! It's just a nice, all-in-one diaper that you don't have to worry about inserts, stuffing, covers, etc! Ebay has some great prices on them, too!