Monday, March 8, 2010

Smart Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

I'm not always good at remembering to bring my own bags to the grocery store....I think about it, but, it is obviously not high on the priority list, because I rarely ever bring them.  So, again and again I bring home my grocery haul in plastic bags and stash them all with the hundreds in my pantry.  At times I feel guilty for having all these plastic bags, but, because I re-use them, I don't feel that bad.  I use them for many things around the house and thought it might be useful to give you a few ideas on how to re-use your plastic bags:

  1. Pack your lunch in them. I pack Mark's lunch in a plastic grocery bag every day.  It's, obviously, not the sexiest form of lunch bag, but it does the job!  He often brings them home, too, so that I can re-re-use them!

  2. Use them as trash bags. Every Monday I empty all the trash cans in the house, and instead of using big, 'ol garbage bags, I just grab a couple plastic grocery bags and empty all the trash into them.  You could also have a plastic grocery bag already in your can and when it's full, just lift it out!

  3. Poo-Poo bags. Ah, yes, we all love picking up after our pets, don't we?!  Ok, not.  But, instead of buying some fancy-shmancy bags to pick up your pets' #2, just grab a plastic grocery bag!

  4. And speaking of poo..... You can also use them in your child/baby's room for all the diaper rubbish.  Just tie your plastic bag to the knob of the dresser and toss them in.  Side note:  This won't keep the stink at bay, so you'll want to change the bag frequently!

  5. Planter Fillers. If you are planting a flower that is not deep enough for your pot, add a few plastic bags to the bottom as filler and pile your dirt on top.  This is much more frugal than filling it completely with potting soil, and, since plastic bags are much less heftier, you can carry the planters around with much more ease.  (Be sure not to cover the drainage hole!)

  6. Shoe Protectors. Fashionable, no, but tying plastic bags around your shoes just might help aid in tracking in unwanted "stuff."

  7. Wet Umbrella Holders. Stash one in your purse, and on those rainy, icky days, you can pull it out and store your wet umbrella in it.

  8. And speaking of rain...How about using a plastic bag as a make-shift rain hat!

  9. Packing Material. Instead of those pesky little styrofoam peanuts, just throw in some plastic bags.

  10. Vacation Bags. These are so handy stashed in your suitcase and can be used to store dirty clothes, wet clothes, toiletries, etc.

  11. In your car. Stashing a few in your glove box can help with almost any sort of mess disposal.


  1. Can any lunch bag ever be sexy, I wonder?

  2. Good ideas!

    Re #9. When we were getting ready to move last year I started saving all the Wal-Mart bags. Since I make a gazillion trips a week to Wal-Mart and come home with a gazillion bags, I started saving them all to use as packing material. A crumpled plastic bags is GREAT for wrapping breakables or to stuff in boxes as filler to keep items from shifting.

  3. No, I think not!! :-) Mark and I joke about it, and say it's sooooo un-sexy, because some lady on the ferry scoffed at him for carrying his lunch in a plastic grocery bag. The nerve of some people!!

  4. Excellent, Tomara!!!

  5. Oh, yeah. And as for the never remembering to take your "green" bags to the grocery store problem--keep some in your car at all times! That way you don't have to remember each time you walk out the door. (I speak from personal experience, here.) :-)