Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have you ever made your own beans??

Yeah........neither had I!!!

I'm not sure why, but, I used to be quite intimidated by it, to tell you the truth!  But, I found out that it is, actually, quite easy!!  So.  So.  Easy!!!

Here's what I did:

1.  Cut open the bag of Pinto Beans and pour them into a colander.  Wash the beans.

2.  Pour the beans into a big pot and cover with water.

3.  Bring the beans to a rolling boil.  One they start to boil, turn them down to Medium Hi-ish, so they're still at a nice slow boil and let them go!!

4.  Replenish the water as it evaporates to keep the beans covered.

That's it!!!


Don't worry about soaking them overnight.  I mean, you most surely could do that, but this way cuts out a big step.  I started my beans around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and they were done by 8:00ish.  I let them fully cool, drained them, and put them into ziploc bags by 2 cupfuls, and into the freezer they went!

I bought this bag of pinto beans for 32 cents and I will probably get 6-8 meals out of it!!  Plus, I know there is no added sodium or other "stuff" because I made them myself.  Bonus!!

Beans are a super frugal and super healthy food!  There are COUNTLESS things you can do with beans!  You can pull the beans out and make Chili, Burritos, Beans and Rice, Mexican Lasagna, mash 'em up to make refried beans.....the possibilities are endless!

Go ahead, try it!!


  1. I understand you can also just put them in the crock pot overnight as well (all the beans except kidney beans, which have to be done at high temps). I just bought some black beans to test that out. Low energy consumption and no added heat/moisture in the house with the crock, so I hope it works!

  2. Oooh! I love that, too! That way, the water won't evaporate and I can just forget them for the day! I'm gonna try that next time! Thanks, Amy!