Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It was quite the chaotic day around here yesterday, therefore, I really had no energy to post a Tip for Tip Tuesday.  So, now I'm trying to play "catch-up" and here's a little something for you!

I don't know if this is a tip, exactly, but it's a great product that I've been wanting to share with you for months!!

Here it is:

The wonderful.

The Amazing.



I just have to say, that, I am IN LOVE!!  My dear sister, Martha, gave me this amazing coupon organizer for my birthday and I can't tell you what a beautiful thing it is!!  :-)  It is so perfectly simple, yet, does the job better than any other coupon organizer I could imagine.

If you remember back to my post HERE, I had a pretty good, (kind of OK---now looking back on it---not too great) way of organizing all my coupons.  It worked, yes, but was it a pretty beautiful sight like the COUPONIZER?!?!?!  I think not!!

Truly, this has changed my couponing life!!


The Couponizer is a booklet with 18 different coupon pockets with categories, four non-grocery pockets, three gift card/catalina pockets, and shopping/checkout pockets.  It also came with scissors, a tear-pad shopping list, a pre-sorting mat, and a carrying bag!  It also has an elastic closure strap.  I LOVE IT!!!

Here's a few shots of what mine looks like:


P1010259This coupon system is so easy to use, so straight forward, extremely portable, and set-up in a way that helps us save money!!!  I'm convinced there is no better coupon organizer out there.  Check it out!

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