Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tip Tuesday--Clearance Meat


I know.




Not two words you typically think of as going together.


Have you ever looked in the Clearance Meat section of your grocery store???

If you haven't, I would suggest you take a look the next time you're there!!

There are AWESOME meat deals to be had!!

Now, don't mistake clearance meat, as in, meat that is withering, icky and way past its expiration date.  No, no!!  This is usually meat that they either, have an abundance of and are not going to be able to sell by the use/freeze date, or there's different cuts and styles of meats that have been separated from larger packages of meat and clearanced out, or some are meat packages that are close to their use/freeze date, but are still completely fine!

I have found that the clearance meat is located at one end of the meat case, and at my Safeway, the clearance section is at the end, by the produce area. The timing is hit and miss really. You can ask the meat dept. when they put their clearance meat out. But, also if the meat looks so/so you can ask them to mark it down even more!!  I have asked and every time they have marked it down to at least 50% off, if not more!!

You can get some great cuts of meat for, virtually, pennies!!!  Just last weekend, our whole family took an outing to Safeway for some shopping, and we SCORED on clearance meat!  Sometimes it's marked 30% and sometimes 50%.  This time, all the packages were 50% off!!  We got OVER 15 pounds of different meats for only $4.50!!  That's about 30 cents a POUND!!

Be proactive, and like I said, if the meat is very close to its use/freeze date, ask you meat department if they will mark it down even more.  I can almost guarantee they will!!

Happy Clearance Meat Hunting!!!


  1. We're two peas in a pod. I ALWAYS check the clearance meat section. John gets so happy when I bring home a nice ribeye for him that I scored for a dollar or two. Isn't frugal fabulous?

  2. Frugal is SOOOOOO fabulous!! :-)

  3. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I'm just too lazy so, I guess I'll just have to keep checking yours out.