Sunday, October 25, 2009


I do not want to start a vaccine debate.

I do not have all the answers.

I simply want to encourage ALL of you to become FULLY educated on the subject before you make the decision to vaccinate your children, or not.

This is not just pertaining to the recent Swine Flu vaccine, but, to ALL vaccines.

This is heavy on my heart, because our sweet Anna has had some pretty "severe" reactions to just just TWO of the vaccines that were given to her at her 2-month check-up.  And, not only that, but, she was supposed to have EIGHT vaccines done on that same day.  EIGHT.  EIGHT?!?!?!  Plus, our darling Ava has a severe neurological disorder, Speech Apraxia.  Is this due to vaccines?  I don't have that answer, and I probably never will.

I am now choosing to EDUCATE myself before I let a doctor inject one more vaccine into my children's bodies.  I don't know our decision, yet, but until I do, I'm not going to freely and naively let my children be injected one more time.

Again, I am not saying you SHOULD or you SHOULDN'T vaccinate your children.  I am saying:  EDUCATE yourself, FULLY, before you decide.

A website that has been helpful in my mission to educate myself is:

And, I haven't read this book, yet, but was recommended by my Chiropractor:  Vaccines--Are they Really Safe and Effective, by Neil Z. Miller

Here's an awesome quote from Alan G. Philips, Attorney at Law:

"God created us with a perfect immune system!  He gave us fever to burn a virus, vomiting and diarrhea to eliminate a virus and we’ve allowed man to teach us to suppress the fever, suppress the vomiting, suppress the diarrhea.  Then, we allow man to convince us to bypass God’s defense mechanisms and directly into the body, inject biological toxins to create immunity.  We’re literally allowing man to play the role of God."


  1. Sarah, what is that website that Dean gave you? Maybe you should post that. And did he give you the name of a book?

  2. Great idea! I added it.

  3. Sarah, I hope you don't mind, but I created a link in my status update on FB to this post. Great post!

    Thanks for a great blog!


  4. P.S. My daughter, Liberty had seizures for about 1 month after her 6 month check up where she had 5 shots. Strangely, her baby teeth came in with no enamel (enamel hypoplasia). The only thing her doctors, dentist and I can determine may have caused it is the vaccines. (Although there is no scientific data that I've been able to find that backs it up, it is just hunches.) Unfortunatlely, her permanant teeth came in with every tooth having enamel hypoplasia. We are looking forward to buying her dentist and orthodontist a new Jaguar each!

    If I had know the risks then....

  5. I don't mind at all!! Thank YOU!

  6. Wow, I have not even heard of enamel hypoplasia! What are they going to do for her?? My little Anna had little "ticks" or what I would call seizures after these last two shots she got, too! It scared the heck out of me!!! I don't think it's a coincidence at all......

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