Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Months!

Anna is such a sweet, precious, easy-going baby.........She is so happy and joyful!!!!

She is blessing our family immensely.

She smiles all the time, is "talking" like crazy, loves sucking on her fingers and thumb, and is just now starting to reach out and grab things!

At her 2 month appointment (that was already a month ago?!?!?!), she ranked right up at the 95th-100th percentile in every area!  We'll see if she ends up being a tall one, like her brother and sister!  (and Mom and Dad!!)

She is still an amazing sleeper, too.  Her bedtime is about 6:30-7:00pmish, and she typically sleeps until at least 4am---9-10 hours straight!  Of course, every night is not the same, but, for a 3 month old, I am constantly impressed by her.

We are so blessed by this little doll!!!  We love you so much!!!

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