Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FREE Icecream and Pie??!!!

Yes, it's true!!!!

Starting TODAY at Albertsons, this is the deal:

Buy ONE Sara Lee Pie for $6.39 and you get this for free:

ONE MORE Sarah Lee Pie


2 cartons of BREYERS Ice cream!!!!

That's 2 Sara Lee Pies and 2 cartons of Breyers Ice cream for:  $6.39!!!

That comes out to about $1.60 each!!!!

(There's NO LIMIT, either!!)

But, wait, that's not all!!!!

Sweeten the deal by going HERE

Print out two coupons for $1.00/1 Sara Lee Pie!!!

When you use these coupons on this deal, you'll be getting 2 pies and 2 cartons of ice cream for:


That's only $1.10 each!!!!

Don't walk, people..............RUN!!  :-)


  1. I would run...if there was an Albertson's within 25 miles of my house. :(

  2. I guess you'll just have to move back here!!! :)

  3. Can a single gal, living alone, justify acting on this deal??? :)

    Do you have to have an Albertson's card to get this deal????

  4. You bet you can justify it!!! :-)
    To get the sale price of $6.39 you'll need an Albies card. It's super fast and easy to get one. Just head to customer service before you shop and it takes just a couple minutes to sign up!!