Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tip Tuesday--Cellfire

If you read my post HERE about Shortcuts.com, then you might be excited to know about Cellfire, if you don't already!

Cellfire is pretty much exactly like Shortcuts----you download your selected coupons onto your store Club Card, just like you do at Shortcuts.com.  (You can also save non-grocery coupons to your cell phone, but I haven't tried that yet!)

Your downloaded coupons are automatically redeemed at checkout, and the VERY COOL part is this:  There are often times the SAME coupons are on Cellfire and Shortcuts, so you can get a DOUBLE discount!  Plus, to top that off, you might just have the SAME coupon in your hand!  This has already happened to me and it works EVERY time!!  Just the other day, I purchased a Betty Crocker Cookie Mix pouch.  It was on Sale for $1.49---I had two .40 cent coupons downloaded onto my Club Card (one from Cellfire and one from Shortcuts), then I also had a .40 cent paper coupon---that's a total of $1.20 off!  I got the cookie mix for .29 cents!!!

Check it out!!

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