Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frugal Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers can be an expense that REALLY adds up!!  Even the "cheap" Dollar store or Bargain deals can get expensive.....especially if you're filling multiple stockings!  So, here are some ideas that I came up with to save you some cash on stuffing your stockings this year:

  • Print out word searches, puzzles and coloring pages.  Roll them up together, tied with ribbon.  THIS site is great!  What a neat, and FREE stocking stuffer!

  • Make your own playdough---We'll be doing this, this year!!  Here's a great site for a recipe---HERE

  • What do you have in your STOCKPILE around your house that you can package up, separately, and give as stocking stuffers???  You may be able to find everything you need, right in your own cupboards!  On our side of the family, we buy stocking stuffers for everyone, adults and kids, so I'm looking through my cupboards looking for frugal, practical options!  Obviously, you don't want to give gifts to people, just because you have it on hand--whether they like it or not.  You want to be thoughtful and frugal at the same time.  Here are a few ideas I came up with for Adults and Kiddos:

  1. Cereal/Crackers/Cookies---A nice, colorful Ziploc bag of Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Goldfish crackers or Animal Cookies will delight almost any child!

  2. Candy---Did you snag a good deal on Candy and still have it?  (At my house, that doesn't happen to often.....I mean, the "still having it" part.  I'm a CANDYAHOLIC!)  Bundle some pieces together for a great stuffer.  Or, do you/your kids have perfectly good Halloween Candy left?  Throw it in the stocking!

  3. Razors---I buy my Razors in Bulk.  Since I know my sisters shave their legs, (at least, I think they do!!!) I could tie a few razors together with some ribbon, throw in some shaving cream, and voila--great, useful and practical stocking stuffers!

  4. Granola Bars---I recently got an amazing deal on Granola Bars and have 12 boxes in my cupboards!  Take 3 bars, tie them up with ribbon---there you go!

  5. Bars of Soap

  6. FRUIT!  Growing up, my parents always put a Tangerine in the bottom of our stocking.  If you're trying to take up some room, put in an Orange AND an Apple!!

  7. Juice Boxes---Most kids I know drink Juice, and recently I stocked up on an amazing juice box deal.  Tie two juices boxes together with ribbon.

  8. I also have quite a stockpile of toiletry items that I got for free, or nearly free.  Items like Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc.  I don't know many adults who wouldn't like to find these practical items in their stocking!

  • Save all your freebies, free samples, and almost-free items----Remember Free Chocolate Fridays?  Did you save your Candy Bars??  ( either.)  But, that's an awesome way to stuff some stockings.  Sign up for Free Samples all throughout the year and stash them away!  Your kids will never know the difference!

  • Scour Thrift stores and Garage Sales----I have oodles of little odds and ends of things that I give my kids from time to time throughout the year.  I don't give too many used items as gifts to others outside of my family, but my kids don't know the difference and love them just the same!  You can also find NEW items at Thrift stores for very little money:  Crayons, paper, pencils, stickers, toys, stuffed animals, books, socks, etc!

  • What about homemade goodies?  It can be a crafty item, food item, fun item, etc!!

And, hey.....who says you have to overload the stockings??!!  It's always a great idea to stick to a certain gift/candy limit, too! could always invest in smaller stockings!!!  :-)


  1. I LOVE granola bars~~~hint, hint!
    None of our stockings seem to be big enough! We always have to put a plastic or paper bag with it! Maybe we do give too much??!! (but isn't it fun!)

  2. Sar,
    With almost every Touch of Mink order, I receive a free bar of soap or tube of something. I always save those to give as gifts (Christmas, birthday or otherwise) all year long. Since I know our family all uses T of M, I won't be giving any of them to you! :)

  3. I know!! The bag to the side.....we might have to do something about that!! ;)

  4. Good Idear, Aim!! Way to save those FREEBIES!!