Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm not sure how it's possible that I have already lived on this earth for 31 years, but I guess it's true!!
Don't we all just feel 16 inside?  (Ok, or maybe 18.......or 21??)

So, it's my tradition at almost every birthday of a family member, to either sing (yeah, I know, scary!!), or play, the "Happy Birthday" song by my all-time favorite group----NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!  I'm posting this song, not to sing it to myself, but for all of you who have never heard it.  Here's what you've been missing!!  :-)

Click Below:


Aaaaahhhh....don't you just love it!!

So, even though I'm one year older, I feel so thankful and grateful and blessed in so many ways.  God is good and so faithful.  I'm blessed in SO MANY ways!!!

Here's to one more year!!

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