Monday, May 11, 2009

My Albertson's Deal of the Century

I had an appointment in Bremerton this afternoon, and since I only had one child with me, I thought I would make a quick stop off at Albertsons on the way back.  I had researched this morning a few EXCEPTIONAL deals, by using MFR coupons, Albertsons Coupons, and my 3 Albertsons Doubles that I got in the mail.  I was sooooooooo excited once I figured out this deal this morning that I couldn't help but call Mark and let him know!  He was quite impressed!  Ok, so here's what I got:

P10103073 packages of 4 Cinnamon Rolls---normally $2.99/ea.  I had an In-Ad Albertsons coupon for 99 cents/ea.

1 32 ounce Albertsons Cheese---normally $7.99, but used the In-Ad coupon for $3.99.  (which is an awesome price for a full loaf of cheese!)

Albertsons also has a Mix and Match deal:  Buy 10 of certain items and you get $3 off instantly (therefore, making it $7).  Kraft BBQ Sauce and Kraft Easy Mac were part of this promotion, so I mixed and matched, buying 4 BBQ sauces and 6 Easy Macs.  Along with that, I had FOUR $1.00/1  Kraft BBQ Sauce coupons and THREE $1.00/2 Easy Mac coupons.

This is how the math breaks down on that:  10 items at .70/each=  $7.00-$4.00(BBQ coupons)=$3.00-$3.00(Easy Mac Coupons)=FREEALL 10 ITEMS TURNED OUT TO BE FREE!!! But, WAIT, that's not all!!  I also had the 3 Albertsons Doubles, so that took off $3 more from my total purchase amount, so my grand total for all FOURTEEN items was.........drumroll please.......


But, THAT'S NOT ALL!!!  Kraft also has a promotion going on, that if you buy 4 of their BBQ Sauces, they will give you back a $2 Catalina for your next shopping trip.  Which, is essentially a $2 coupon that goes towards your next Albertsons purchase of ANY products!

Essentially, with the extra $2 coupon in my pocket, you can say I only spent $1.96 on this entire purchase!!  I gotta say.......that might be the best deal I have come across, yet!!!  And, it was so cute, as the gal was ringing up my purchase and got to the end, she said, "You definitely need to show your husband THIS receipt!!!"


  1. Who rocks the house, Sarah rocks the house!

  2. You RULE!!!!!!! You DO rock the house, Sarah! AMAZING!!!!!