Friday, May 29, 2009

We live.

For Faithful Friday today, I thought I'd share a really great song with a simple, yet, powerful message.

"We live.  We love.  We, for-give and never give up.  Cuz the days we are given are gifts from above and today we remember to live and to love."

How many times have we held grudges and not wanted to FULLY forgive someone who has "wronged" us??  How many times has your husband or wife left for work and you forgot to tell them you love them?  How often have you wallowed in your day-to-day tasks, not really thanking the Lord for giving you THIS day???

I'd have to say that I am just as guilty as the next guy.

1.  It can be HARD to forgive and fully FORGET.  But, the bible tells us in Colossians 3:13--  "Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you."  I know, easier said than done, but, forgive and be forgiven;  And then forget it.  Keep short accounts with God and men.  Don't lock bitterness and guilt within the closet of your soul.

2.  Mark and I always have this thing, where, whenever one of us leaves the house without the other, we ALWAYS say "I love you" to each other and the kids.  It's not as if we would think the other doesn't love us if it wasn't said, but, we never know where our life is going next.  Not to be morbid, but, to be realistic:  it could be the last time we see each other.  I know, that if it were to be the last time I was going to see my husband or my children, I would feel so great knowing that my last words to them, were, "I love you."  Again, not that they wouldn't already know it, but it's just so wonderful to HEAR it.  So, whether we're in a hurry, or we're in an argument, or we're just in a bad mood----WE SAY IT.  I.  Love.  You.   Probably three of the most powerful words on earth.

3.  Being a mom is so rewarding, yet, is a very challenging job.  I LOVE being home with my children, but I am constantly being challenged hour-by-hour.  (Maybe even minute-by-minute??!!) And,  sometimes just the mundane tasks of mopping the floor, doing the laundry and picking up toys can get me in a little bit of a funk and I forget that THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE.  I need to REJOICE and BE GLAD IN IT.  No.  Matter.  What.  As my Mom used to tell us growing up, as we were doing chores, or things we didn't necessarily want to do:  "Do this as if you're doing it for the Lord."  What great advice.

So, enjoy this song and video.  It's not the official video, but the song and lyrics.  I'm a huge music fan, and music always speaks to me.  I hope this speaks to you.

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