Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I think this should be TWO Tip Tuesday, so that's what I'm changing it to!!  One tip just isn't enough!!!  :-)

These two tips today come from two of my beautiful, talented and very smart OLDER sisters!

Here's Amy's:

TIP: "Buy ground beef in bulk (Costco has multi-pound packs and other stores have 3- and 5-lb. chubs) and separate it into meal-sized portions yourself to freeze. Also, you can buy a 3- or 5-lb. chub of beef, cook it all as taco meat and freeze it in meal-sized portions. Then on Taco day, just thaw the portion you need and reheat. No cooking necessary!"

I LOVE this tip, because it's not just money-saving, it's also time-saving, (and we all know time is money, right?!)  Thanks for the great tip, Sista!!

Here's Martha's:

TIP: "Actually prepare and cook what you buy!!!"

Knowing Martha, this tip was probably a little tongue-in-cheek, because cooking for one can be difficult!  Things go to waste a lot quicker.  BUT, there is SO MUCH truth to this for ANYONE!!!  Prepare and cook what you buy.....what a concept, huh??.....it doesn't sound too difficult, but it's so much harder than we think!  How many of us let food go to waste in our fridge, (many times, though, not on purpose!), how many of us have oodles of food stocked up in our pantry, how many of us have backstock of meat frozen in the fridge???  Yet, we look at it all and actually think we don't have anything to eat!!  (I know I've done that before!)  That's why this tip is sooooooo important!

Go through your fridge every other day or so and actually use the perishables that are in there......don't let them go to waste!  There's always something you can make or freeze to use them up!  Look in your pantry and pull all the "older" stuff forward and organize it so that you can actually see what you have!  And, do the same in your freezers.......I know that mine aren't the most organized they could be, in fact, I found a whole bag of chicken stuffed way down in the bottom back part of the freezer I didn't even know was there!!

If you actually prepare and cook what you buy, you aren't just saving money, but you're saving time, AND you're helping to save the environment, to boot!!!

Thanks so much for the tips!!!  Keep them coming!!

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  1. What great tips!

    I cook the meat but don't season all of it so I can use it for other stuff too. If I run out of taco meat and need some, then you can just add it at the reheat!