Tuesday, May 19, 2009




If you're like me, you can barely go anywhere, without, at least, some lipstick or chapstick on!!  It's my "go-to" product!  Many women, though, as they get to the end of their lipstick tube, toss it out;  they think it's done.  NOOOOO!  Don't do it!!  You can stretch the life of your lipstick GREATLY if you use a lipstick brush to get the rest of your lipstick out.

I would advise all you lipstick-wearers to invest in a lip brush.  This particular Maybelline brush that I have pictured is GREAT!  It is the one I use.  It has the retractable "pop-up" brush for applying your lipstick and gloss and then retracts back into itself.  Mess free!!  Gotta love that!  I believe it retails for about $5-7 in drugstores.  It's a great investment to save you money in the long run!

Also, a neat little fact I learned, is that, if you apply your lipstick with a lip brush ALL the time (from start to finish), rather than applying the lipstick directly to your lips, you extend the life of it by up to 50%!!  It picks up less color and the color actually lasts longer on your lips than if you applied it straight from the tube!  Go figure!

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