Friday, May 1, 2009

Does your dryer EAT socks????

I'm CONVINCED that mine does!!!

My favorite part of doing laundry is folding the kids' clothes....I love it, for some reason. I love looking at all their cute clothes, (albeit, some with stains that won't come out!), and folding their petite articles of clothing and putting them away in their drawers. That's actually fun for me. But, when it comes to their socks, I'm COMPLETELY baffled and frustrated!! Here is my supply of, as I like to call them,


These are all socks that have no mates!! How in the world is that possible?! Now, don't get my wrong, I know the dryer is not 100% to blame, because I do find a few under their beds, in with our laundry, in the toe part of their footed jammies and sometimes still stuck in their shoes. But, I'm sure that only makes up for a good 10% of the lost ones. Where do all the other ones go???? I can't bare to throw them away, (some I still have from when Ava was a newborn!) so I hold onto them forever thinking that I'll find the mate.........I rarely ever do.  I have socks in this pile that are "clean", but are stained and icky, but I still can't seem to give them up!! I've even been known to put mismatched socks on the kids, because what's so wrong with wearing two different socks, right?!  :-)

Is anyone else dealing with this baffling, confusing and downright frustrating phenomenom????


  1. I recently learned that there is a special "filter" in my washer, it's about the size of a peanut butter jar. When I got to it and opened it up, I found baby socks (that belonged to my now 5 year old), a breast pad, and some other random stuff. How did that stuff get there? Why didn't it stink??!? Where's my other breast pad?! I never did get any answers to those questions. I just thought I'd share. :)

  2. That is too funny! Why would a filter be big enough to suck in actual clothes??? Unfortunately, I still have a missing sock issue....and it's my adult socks. Haha. They're a sz 10 for crying out loud!!!

  3. Ok, Amy S., that is HILARIOUS!! Maybe it's my washer that's eating the socks instead of the dryer!!!!!! AAAAhhhhh!!!

  4. Okay - this one cracked me up. I thought it was only me! I actually have a laundry basket of single mis-matched socks in my closet. I keep thinking that I will find the other one. I have often wondered if I disassembled my laundry machine, how many I would find in there!