Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love baking and I do it often, but I have yet to master the art of bread-making.  BUT, today, I found a really wonderful, easy, and DELICIOUS recipe for whole wheat bread!  Instead of two loaves, I made one really nice size loaf and some great dinner rolls.  We enjoyed the rolls with our Spaghetti dinner tonight. It's called "Kid-Friendly Wheat Bread." For the recipe, click HERE


P1010337P1010340If you haven't tried making your own bread and are a little nervous about it (like I was!), this is a great recipe to start with;  You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry, already!!  It's worth a try!

What a more frugal, healthy, and tasty way to go!!  I hope I can continue with this success!  (One loaf at a time!!!)

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  1. Yummy! Hey, I forgot to get some rhubarb when I was up last week! :( Next time. Way to go, you on-the-way professional baker. :)