Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, here's your Tip #2 (OK, so it's more of a recommendation, but a MONEY-SAVING one, nonetheless!!):

If you love LIP GLOSS, CHAPSTICK, or a little SHINE to your lips, you MUST check out:

Avon's SLICK TINT!!!!

slick tintI have been wearing Slick Tint for, oh, I don't even know how long!!  I'd say, AT LEAST, 10-12 years! NO JOKE!  My family likes to joke about my obsession with it!  I can even remember, as I was in labor with my first child, about to give birth, I was applying my Slick Tint!!  (I know......come, on, right?!!!)  That's how obsessed with this stuff I am.

Slick Tint comes in 3 different Colors:

glossy opalGlossy Opal

glossy roseGlossy Rose

glossy wineGlossy Wine

I swear by the Glossy Opal and I buy it by the truckloads!  The reason I love it so much, is that if you want to wear it alone it adds just the right amount of shine to your lips;  it's perfect.  But, also, what's so cool about this color, is that you can put it over ANY shade of lipstick and it transforms your look!!  It really is amazing.  It adds shine and turns your everyday lipstick into something great.  Truly.

Ok, so what's even GREATER, is that it's only:

99 cents!!

For as much as I use it, it still lasts me close to TWO MONTHS!!  (Use those lip brushes, ladies!!)  That is one frugal way to have amazing lips!!  Keep a close eye on Avon's sales, too, (which, by the way, I have no affiliation with Avon and I'm not getting paid to endorse them!!), because they often go on sale for 79 cents!  That's when I buy up to 40 at one time......I know, I'm crazy for this stuff!!

Check it out for yourself!  I'm pretty sure you will love it!!


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