Monday, May 4, 2009

Our 'new arrival' before the 'new arrival'

So, I promised a picture of our non-human new arrival, so here it is:

[caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="2009 Toyota Sienna"]2009 Toyota Sienna[/caption]

We're now a "Mini-Van Fam!!"  It's quite a necessity when you are becoming a family of FIVE!  We are really loving this car, already!!  It is really so lovely and sleek, and quite wonderful!!  I had really been getting used to no car payment, though.  We still have our Subaru Forester and will keep it for as long as it wants to run, and had paid it off quite awhile ago, so a car payment is going to be a little shock to the system, but we can handle it!  We're prepared!

It was quite a looooooooong night at the car dealership on Friday night and I thought the kids (and myself!!) were going to go out of our minds!  I do have to say, though, that Mark and I make a good team for phenagaling a deal!!  Mark's good at playing it cool and giving the feeling that we are ready to walk at any moment, and I am good at giving it to them straight and lettting them know EXACTLY what we want to pay and what we will or won't settle for.   It was good teamwork and I'm pretty sure we got the deal of the century!  Even with some gas cards and other "extras" thrown in!  They REALLY wanted to sell us that car!!! We didn't get home until almost midnight, because we missed the 10:05 ferry by seconds........poor Ava and Luke.  But, as soon as they hopped in that van, they were all giggles and Luke kept saying, "Come on Mom, let's go!!!"


  1. Love it, love it, love it!! Can't believe that we're not the only mini-van owners now in our family! We love ours. It's so utilitarian!
    Congratulations! We are very happy for you!

  2. Great looking van! Now we have someone else in the family to praise the virtues of mini-vandom. Even though there are just the two of us now we have already used our van for a myriad of hauling jobs, even clear to Idaho full of furniture & misc. stuff. And all of this while averaging up to 29 mpg on the road and over 20 mpg in town. We are definitely sold on mini vans! When we retire we will most likely get a slightly smaller one. Maybe a Honda Element or something similiar. We love the color of yours! Go Cougs!!!

  3. I love that you can get in and out of your car from any parking space even if somebody parked too close - love those sliding doors. I've also figured out that even big pregnant women can get from the front seat to the middle row to enter and exit if same dumball mentioned above makes it impossible for you to squeeze your belly through with the regular door. Have fun with it! I have the Chrysler version and LOVE it!

  4. Du, du, du...another one bites the dust! (haha...JK!!) It's very cute and sporty, if a minivan can be sporty.