Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dahlia Bouquets

It's that time of year again!!

We are SO BLESSED to have an AHH.MAY.ZING Dahlia Garden.....I mean, SPECTACULAR!!!  There are so many different varieties, colors, shapes and sizes of Dahlias that I couldn't even tell you all the differences!  I just know I LOVE them!!  I think I've mentioned this in an earlier post, but just in case I haven't, I'll let you know that this home we live in used to be Mark's Grandparent's "Homestead"......they lived here for, I think, 60+ years.  They were the MASTER Gardeners and the TRUE examples of 'Frugality at its Finest'!!  The Dahlias were the most magnificent things you had ever seen when they were tending to them!!!   We, unfortunately, are not that skilled, yet, and the Dahlias may never flourish quite as much as they did as when they lived here.  But, that being said, they are still so beautiful, so plentiful and, I'll say it again, AHH.MAY.ZING!!!

Last summer was our first summer in this home and we were just getting used to the "lay of the land."  We enjoyed the Dahlias immensely, and, me, having a somewhat 'entreprenuerial spirit,' was trying to figure out a way for others to enjoy them, all the while--figuring out a way we could make money.  So, I started making Dahlia Bouquets!!  Mark made a cute little flower stand made up of scrap wood and plastic roofing (talk about frugal!!) and I started proudly displaying my bouquets and sold them for $5 each.  I am not a professional bouquet-maker, by any means, but I just did my best and made bouquets that I thought were beautiful!!  Each bouquet had, at least 10-15 Dahlias, so $5 a piece was a pretty great price!!  I advertised my stand by homemade signage on poles, light stands,etc, and on local websites.  I couldn't have imagined how GREAT "business" was!!!!  I almost couldn't keep up!!  I sold close to 75 bouquets, making close to $400 in just about a month and a half!!  For my first try, I was thrilled!  And, not only was it fun to make money, but I realized my new LOVE for making bouquets!!  It wasn't a "job" for me, it was something I truly loved to do!

So, that being said, I AM AT IT AGAIN!!  I started a few days ago and have already sold quite a few bouquets......people are even paying $10 for them, which is so unexpected!!!  It's quite humbling, that, little old me, a non-professional bouquet-maker can get business like this.  It's so fun and so rewarding!!

I thought I'd share a few pictures of our Stand to let you get an idea of what it looks like!  Mark's handy-work is still holding up!!  I took the pictures at the wrong time of day, so there is a slight shade cast over them, and a few might possibly be blurry, but you get the idea!  I will try to post pictures of the Dahlia garden and more of the Stand, too, in the near future!!



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