Tuesday, July 21, 2009



For Tip Tuesday, I thought I'd talk about WATER.  Bottled water, that is!!

Did you know that a 16-oz bottle of "spring" water goes for about $1, which works out to be about $8 A GALLON!!!!!!  That's TWICE the cost of Milk and close to being on par with Soft Drinks.  In my opinion, it's ridiculous!!  The Bottled Water Industry has us convinced that we need to pay around 800 times more to purchase water in a bottle that get it from the tap!  It's craziness if you really think about it!  Convenient, yes.  Rational??  No!!

Did you know this:

Sixteen 8-oz glasses of tap water cost about a PENNEY.

On this Tip Tuesday, my advice to you would be:  Lay off the Bottled Water!!!

There are a few options that will end up saving you so much money!!

1.  Get your water delivered to your home.  Home delivery, according to online averages, is about $40 a month, which, is less per gallon than what I mentioned above, but still a little pricey in my book.  But, it's a cheaper option, nonetheless.

2.  The next time you feel thirsty, RUN. TO. THE. TAP.  Don't like the taste of your water??  Invest in a filter pitcher, like a Brita Filter Pitcher.  Brita puts out coupons for their filters and pitcher periodically, so look for that, and you can get your pitcher for a fraction of the price.   Or, install an inexpensive faucet filter.  There are many, many options that could work for you, and you'll still come out waaaaaaaay ahead.

3.  And lastly, if you find yourself buying bottled water more often when you're out and about, on trips, at the park, etc, then BRING IT WITH YOU.  There are some amazing containers available now that will keep your water nice and cold, fresh and ready to drink!

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