Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save Energy

I totally spaced on Tip Tuesday today!!  But, since it's still Tuesday for a few more hours, I have time!!  :-)

I have compiled a list of a few ways to SAVE ENERGY, which equals SAVING MONEY!  Many of these are no-brainers, and things many of us do already, but sometimes we can all use reminding!!

1.  Turn the lights out anytime you are leaving a room.

2.  Same with the TV.....turn it off when no one is watching it.

3.  "Sleep" your computer when you're not using it.

4.  Use Ceiling fans instead of the A/C.  (Although, I'm quite enjoying our A/C these past few days!!)  :)

5.  Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm.

6.  Use a clothesline or a laundry rack instead of your dryer.

7.  In the colder months, use a space heater to heat just the rooms you're in.

8.  When you're not home, turn the heat off.

9.  Don't leave the refrigerator door open.

10.  Run the dishwasher only on FULL loads and don't use the Dry cycle.

11.  Clean the lint screen on your Dryer everytime you use it.

12.  Unplug any electrical device that's not being used.

13.  Turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth.

14.  Make sure outdoor lighting is turned off during the day.

15.  Flush the toilet less often.  (I know, I'm sure there are some turned-up noses on this one, but if you really think about it, it makes total sense.  I teach Ava, that, it's a great practice to always flush the toilet after she goes "potty," but, at home, if it's pee-pee only, she just needs to put the toilet seat down and she can flush it the next time she goes.  There really is no need to flush down that small amount of pee-pee.  It saves tons of water and energy in the long run!!)

There are HUNDREDS of energy-saving tips, but I hope these help get you thinking about all the ways you can save money (and the environment!) by using less energy!!

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