Monday, June 22, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!  Mark and I enjoyed our time away together, it was such a great, fun and relaxing time for the two of us!  We really missed the kids, though, and it was SO NICE seeing their smiling, excited faces yesterday!!!  Unfortunately I came down with a pretty wretched cold over the weekend, and doing all the walking we did, I was telling Mark that I officially FEEL really pregnant.  Everything on me is one big ACHE, and I now have the "pregnant waddle!!"  (Ever-so-slight-waddle, but it's there!!)  But, it was still a glorious weekend with my wonderful man.

So, we're now on to another week and another meal plan!!  (I feel like the weeks are flying by.....anyone else??)  So, here's what I have on the docket for this week:

Monday:  Ritzy Chicken Casserole, steamed Broccoli, Sourdough bread

Tuesday:  Taco Night.  Crisp and Soft Beef Tacos and Refried Beans.

Wednesday:  Crock pot Chicken Parm, green salad, homemade toasted Bagels.

Thursday:  Crock-pot Baked Potato Bar

--SUPER easy!  Just wash your spuds and put them in the crock pot all day on low.  Serve them with your favorite toppings.....whatever your crew likes!

Friday:  Mark's 29th Birthday---still up in the air what we're going to do!

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  1. I hope you enjoy the chicken parmesan! it's one of our favorites!