Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tip Tuesday

Whew!!  Just got home from a lonnnnnnng day away!  We still own our home in Renton and the kids and I took the 8:45 ferry this morning to meet my parents there to get it clean and all ready for the new tenants who are moving in on Friday!  (Mom and Dad, thanks for your help!!)  So, I'm JUST now getting to my tips for the day!!!

1.   Get your Books (and free entertainment!) from the Library

The kids and I love going to the Library, not only for the obvious reason, but for the fun and free entertainment they provide, as well.  Research your local Library and see what they have to offer!!  Ours offers some amazing programs, such as Toddler Storytime, Toddler Dance, Movie Day, Bedtime stories, etc, etc, etc.  They also have a great kids area with games, puzzles, stuffed animals and a fish tank.  You really can't beat fun and FREE!

2.  Send away for and follow-up on Rebates

After I buy a product(s) with a rebate, I make sure to send in (or if it's an online form, I do it online) for it THE SAME DAY. Then I mark my calendar to remind myself to follow up with the rebate company if the check hasn't shown up.  This goes for any product, big or small.  It's essentially "free" money, so do it right away!!

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