Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We're getting ready to hit the road, soon, so I don't have much time, but here are two shortie, but goodie, tips!!

1.  REQUEST A REDUCTION ON THE INTEREST RATE ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS. As with home equity loans, credit card companies sometimes are willing to reduce the interest rate. It can't hurt to ask!!!

2.  AGREE TO LIMIT GIFT-GIVING.  Our family does this, and with a big family, it really cuts down on expenses! On my side of the family, at Christmas, the sisters and their hubbies draw names and buy one $35 gift(s), each.  We all buy for my Mom and Dad and Grandma and then decide, individually, how much we want to spend on the kids.  That's up to the individual.  On my husband's side, we just buy for my In-Laws and the kiddos, and again, it's up to the individual how much they want to spend.  Between my husband, myself and my husband's sister and her hubby, we decided not to buy for each other.

For other holidays, you can do the same thing, too.  Maybe you agree between your sisters that on Mother's Day, you will just send each other a card, or on Easter, you'll limit the kids' gifts to just ONE, or on Valentine's Day, you'll have a cookie-making party, rather than give gifts.  It's all in what you and your family want to agree on!

Along with this, is the idea of MAKING your own gifts!  I could go on and on about this topic, so I'll stop here, but what a wonderful, thoughtful way to give a treasured gift, AND save money!!!

Have a great day!!!!

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