Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping....

To me, it's like a SPORT......I get pumped up before I go,  there's a thrill that comes over me once I walk in the doors, I have a game-plan once I start my quest, and I won't let anything stand in my way!!!

It's just something that's hard to explain.....

Those of you who don't thrift store shop probably think I'm crazy, but don't knock it until you try it!!  :-)

I have been shopping at Thrift stores, probably, my whole life.  I can remember way back in Elementary School going with my mom.  I have to say, I probably wasn't quite as thrilled about it back then, probably the opposite, but I do remember being awed by the things that we would find.  They were definitely "finds!"

About 3-4 years ago I recently got back into Thrift Store shopping, hardcore, when I was full swing into my Ebay Business.  I sold Designer label clothing and shoes along with some other assundry items.  I made some pretty good money.  It was a lot of work, but it was work I really, really enjoyed.  And, as if you couldn't already guess, guess where I found all my inventory to sell?????  THRIFT STORES!!

You would be AMAZED at the quality and caliber of items you can find at thrift stores, if you take the time to look.  I mainly sold Men's Clothing, Mens/Women's Shoes and Kid's clothing.  We are talking about brands such as:  Tommy Bahama, Facconnable, Hanna Andersson, Gucci, Elefanten, Orvis, Robeez, Baby Legs, Christian Louboutin, Born, Tupperware.......and the list goes on and on!!  Thrift stores are full of items that people donate, but they are also full of items that companies sell/donate to them.  Hence, the reason for the amazing quality, brands, and NEWness of the items.

Even though I am not full-swing in my Ebay Business anymore, I am HOOKED on thrift store shopping.  The things I buy the most, are:  Kids clothing, kids shoes, toys, books, housewares and Men's clothing.  I rarely look for clothing for myself, because I don't have the time to try it on!  Plus, it thrills me more to find all the other goodies!!  I would have to say that about 75% of my children's clothing is all from Thrift stores, and probably 50% of their books and toys are second hand, as well.  (And, I guarantee no one would even know!!)

So, I thought I would give you a little snippet into my thrift store shopping trip I went on the other day.  This is just one trip out of hundreds, but I got some great clothing items that I wanted you to see ACTUALLY came from thrift stores!  My two stores of choice are:  Value Village and Goodwill.  I don't have too many others close by, and actually, neither of these are very close by, either, but they're close enough!!  I'd have to say that I ALWAYS come away with something amazing.

Here's the questions I ask myself before deciding to purchase:

1.  Are there any holes or stains on the garment?  If yes, can they be fixed?

2.  Is it faded, worn, or broken in parts?  If yes, is it still worth it?

3.  Can we get good use out of it?

4.  Does the price match the value I will get out of the item?

I've taken pictures of some of the items I have recently purchased and I have tried my best to give you the price that it would have sold for in a "regular" store, give or take, and then how much I paid for it.  I'm just listing some of the clothes that I got, not the toys, books, etc.  I just want to show that YOU, too, can get amazing things for a FRACTION of the price!!!  I think you'll be amazed!!

P1010084 This is a BRAND NEW, WITH TAGS, Zutano little girls dress with attached bonnet.

This would retail for somewhere around $38.

My Price at Goodwill:  $3.99


P1010086 This is a Baby Lulu adorable Red and Pink outfit.

This is not brand new and has been worn, but still in excellent condition.

At stores or online, new, this would probably retail for about $40.

My Goodwill price:  $3.99


P1010089 This is a Ralph Lauren Polo baby girl's Periwinkle dress.

It does not have the tags attatched, but just by the feel of it, I can tell it's brand new.

This would have retailed for about $35.00

My Goodwill Price: $2.99


These are some of my Value Village finds.  VV was having a 50% off Kid's Clothing Sale!!!

P1010095 This is a Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Baby Sleeper in near perfect condition.

It's currently on their website listed at $37.50.

Value Village price:  1.99

At 50% off:  .99 cents!


P1010097 This is a Brand New with Tags, Macy's Green Dog Boys' Polo shirt.  It's about $22.00.

Value Village price:  $4.99

at 50% off:  $2.50


P1010094This is a super cute Baby Gap summer shirt.

I don't have an exact price, but let's say somewhere around  $16.50.

Value Village Price: $3.99

at 50% off:  $1.99


P1010099This is a pair of toddler girl's LEVI's.  They would retail for about $24.99.

Value Village Price: $4.99

at 50% off:  $2.49


I'll stop there, because I don't want to bore you to tears!  You get the idea!!  Amazing, excellent and sometimes brand new items for a super INEXPENSIVE price!!!

If I bought all of this at RETAIL, it would have cost me, approximately:  $213.99

But, I Paid:  $18.93

PLUS, I had a coupon for 1 Free item, so it really cost me:


Try some Thrift Store Shopping!  YOU JUST MIGHT LIKE IT!!!  ;)


  1. I would if there was a thrift shop nearby!!! :o(

  2. I know!!!! I guess you can make a trip out of it when you go to CDA or Spokane??? But, hey, you're coming to the Rotary!! That will make up for it!! : -)