Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tip Tuesday




Ok, so we all don't necessarily think we have the "skillz" to cut hair, I know, but this is a really

amazing way to save money!!!

I have always loved doing hair, and honestly, wanted to go to Beauty School long before I wanted to go to College.  There was just something about hair that I really loved and wanted to be a part of.  Well, needless to say, I chose College, (which I'm very grateful for!), and didn't learn how to cut hair, but it has ALWAYS intriuged me!!

About 14 years ago, the summer before 9th grade, I got my hair cut short.  I really can't remember what sparked in me to go short, but I guess I wanted a change.  I had really puffy, permed, shoulder length hair at the time.  I think it was too much to manage!!  Ever since then,  I have kept my hair relatively short.....I've gone in out of hairstyles and have had some doozies, but have kept it on the shorter side.  Through H.S. I remember going to Gene Juarez Academy of Beauty and getting my hair cut.  (Which, by the way, is another GREAT tip!!)  They were students going through Beauty School, so the price of a haircut was MUCH cheaper!!

College, well, that was a different story......this is when I started cutting MY OWN HAIR!  You know, when you're a poor college student, you look for ANY way to cut from the budget!!  For not being trained to cut hair, I think I was pretty good at it and I don't think most people could tell that I did it myself.  (Well, if they did, they didn't say anything!!)  I used to cut my roommate's hair, too, and I even advertised in my Dorm for $5 haircuts and got some business!!  It was a lot of fun and I didn't mess up anyone's hair too badly at all!  :-)

From then on out, I was hooked, and I kept cutting my hair myself.  It was good and bad.  Good, because I got to do what I liked to do AND I saved money while doing it.  But, BAD, because I was a little obsessed with it and could never get my hair exactly the way I wanted it!!  I went through some pretty interesting hair phases that I hope won't come back to haunt me!!

About 2 years ago, though, I came to my wits end......I needed help with my hair, and I needed a CHANGE.  I had received a Spa Package for Mother's Day that included a Haircut and color, so I jumped on it.  I truly believe that, Amanda, the hairdresser who got me that day, was sent by God!!!  She knew EXACTLY what I needed and what would  suit me.  I walked out of there a VERY happy lady and I continued going to her for the past two years, until she changed Salons that is now way too far for me to travel.

So, what I'm trying to get at, is that even though my TIP is to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR, I know that we aren't all comfortable doing that.  I have seen hair cutting from both sides and there are pluses and minuses to both.  The obvious PLUS of cutting your own hair is that it's FREE, but the MINUS is that it may not turn out exactly the way you want it.  The obvious PLUS of going to a professional is that, hey, they're actually TRAINED to do this type of thing!!  The MINUS is that, depending on where you go, it could cost you lots of Moolah!!

If you don't feel comfortable cutting your own hair, I completely understand.

So, why not cut your husband's hair??

I started cutting my husband's hair before he was my husband.  You could say I pretty much "transformed" him from his "longer on the top" hair days, into his easy, kinda-spikey hair days now.  I cut it pretty much every, other month and I love it!  I still get my "fix" cutting hair, and cutting his hair is so much easier than cutting my own!!  There are many sites out there available to you to teach you how to cut hair, also, and there are many tutorials on YouTube to walk you through it.  It's definitely worth looking into!!

And, how about cutting the Kiddos' hair???

I bring this up, because just last night we gave our two kiddos their first haircuts....EVER!!  Ava is 3 1/2 and Luke is 26 months and neither have had their hair touched!!  I was originally only going to cut Luke's hair last night, because his, (although darling!!!), was getting slightly out of control with all his fly-away curls and it was getting in his eyes a bit!!    Ava's hair is one length and is getting long, but I didn't see any need to cut it.  BUT, as she sat there watching her brother's hair get cut, she, too, wanted her's cut!!  So, I did both!

I thought you might like to see the transformation.  Here's Lukie, our "little boy" becoming a "little man."  (We forgot to get a "before" shot, but if you go back a few posts, you'll see what he looked like!!)





And now here's the happy boy (or, somewhat happy boy!), with his new 'do!!



I only cut about an inch off of the bottom of Ava's hair, but here's a few shots of that:




I forgot to take an "after" picture of Ava's hair, but this morning, when it's dry, you can tell it's a little shorter.  She LOVES it and couldn't stop bouncing around the house looking in the mirror every 2 minutes!!  So cute!!

So, the moral of this whole TIP TUESDAY is to consider cutting your own hair, or the hair of a member(s) of your family.  Don't be intimidated, and if you are, search out some info and/or tools that will help you!  You could save you and your family A LOT of money!!!

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