Monday, June 15, 2009

Molasses Cookies!!!


So, if you've been reading my blog, you'll know that during this pregnancy I have been a MEAT-EATING MACHINE!!!  I can't seem to get enough!!  But, I've also been craving anything and everything SWEET!!  Icecream has been high on the list, Candy and more candy, and COOKIES!  (I have been throwing in some veggies here and there, too!!)

Everytime I head into my OB Appts, and it's a morning appointment, I'm always sure to grab a BIG.  MOLASSES.  COOKIE.  (You know, the wonderful, soft, sugary, ever-so-tasty cookie that you could eat 5 of in one sitting???!!)  That's the one!!

But, one of those cookies is $2.50, each!!  Not too frugal of me, is it??!!!  So, I decided to research some cookie recipes and make them myself!!

Today was the day!!

Here is the recipe.  They're called:  CRACKLE TOP MOLASSES COOKIES

Ava, my trusty assistant, was here to help, and I believe I may have just found THE BEST----EVER Molasses cookie recipe.  I just might even say BETTER than the ones I buy at the coffee shop!!!

Here are a couple shots of Ava helping me with the cookies.....she LOVES to be in the kitchen with me, and since she decided she didn't want to take a nap today, it was perfect timing!!






The only thing I changed about the recipe is that I cut down the cooking time by a few minutes to ensure they would be nice and soft!!  They were!!


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  1. Mmm, Mmm, good! Thanks for giving us a few! Too bad Ava doesn't like to eat them, only make them! :)